Creating business opportunities

The goal we have with our exhibitions is to create business opportunities
for our exhibitors. Bringing supply and demand together with devotion and a personal touch.

About us

Fairs Consult is an independent organiser of public fairs and trade fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Fairs Consult also organises events by order of third parties (in that case Fairs Consult acts as mandatary). As subsidiary of Artexis / EasyFairs Fairs Consult organises small to medium-sized fairs.

Contact us

Second Home Beurs

Schoudermantel 9, 3981 AE Bunnik, The Netherlands

030 888 78 77

Second Home Expo

Maaltekouter 1 9051 Ghent Belgium

+32(0)9 274 03 25

Second Home Messe

Balanstr 73, Haus 8  81541 München

+49(0)89 210 93 677

Bibac Plus

Maaltekouter 1 9051 Ghent Belgium

+32(0)9 298 08 01